Gaming Illustration

Maps of Primordia – The Lost City of Kharmanus

I love drawing maps. On days where I don’t have the mental energy to code, I try and do something to move my creative energy forward. Today, I took an old map I drew in college and tweaked it a bit in Adobe Fresco on my iPad.

The map is called Kharmanus, or “The Lost City of Kharmanus” and in my gaming world, this is a city that was buried in some traumatic event in the past of my fantasy world, Primordia.

Now, I know all well that if a city is “buried” then there is no space for people to walk around, as the “burying” bit tends to close up all open spaces.

But imagine that some great wizard who lived in the city, in his last heroic effort to save his beloved city, did some magic to ensure said city, while buried, provided some “space” between the floor and the overhanging cave ceiling that was sufficient to have adventures lurk around and steal shit from all of the dead people. I mean, that’s good adventuring backstory if I ever heard it.

And that’s precisely the origin of The Lost City of Kharmanus.

So here is the map. It’s a work in progress, but I hope you like it.